"GO MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS!" (Matthew 28:19-2013 WYD Theme)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The First Day

Ola everyone! 

  My name is John Yokus I am one of the pilgrims to World Youth Day from the Church of the Holy Family and I will be sharing with you our wonderful first day in Brazil.

The World Youth Day pilgrims:
The Girls. (The men are taking the picture)
have finally arrived in Brazil! And we are so excited to tell everyone how awesome our pilgrimage has been so far! The flight from Detroit to Sao Paulo had no problems and everything went smoothly(except for sleep depravation, but hey that is normal right?) 
When we got off the plane, we hopped on a bus that took us to the city of Jacarei (in the state of Sao Paulo)  where we are currently staying. Now to tell you the most amazing part of today :D When we got off the bus we were instantly enveloped by the really friendly locals who looked more excited than we were!
Me and my "adopted Mama"
Warm welcome!
They already knew our names and had assingned us families to stay with. And right after the introductions were made we were ushered into the breakfast hall were they had prepared a marvelously delicious feast from Brazilian foods. And after we had eaten we were driven to the city park were thousands of pilgrims gathered to hangout and get to know eachother better. We learned phrases like "Vi Brasil!"  Brasil´s soccer chant, and "Obrigado" which means Thank You.

And after all that fun we went to visit our host families for a few hours. Which meant showers and food (maybe even a little coveted shuteye) for the pilgrims  :) I can´t even describe how kind and awesome our new families were... It was a little overwelming.

  The last part of our day was a Fiesta. Ohhhh my was it truly spectacular. There was Music and dancing, unfortunetly due to the lighting and my camera´s low battery the dancing shots was slightly blurry. Everyone danced and had fun while attempting to sing the native songs.
And now it is time to bid you Adeus and "Boa Noite"! 
We will post again soon-
John WYD Pilgrim

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